Addiction Programs

Title Brief Description
Adrenaline Addiction Sick of the buzz – but craving it too? Are you suffering from adrenaline addiction ?
Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms
Caffeine Addiction Overcome caffeine addiction and get your natural energy back
Cannabis Dependence Overcome Cannabis or Marijuana Addiction / Dependence
Chewing Tobacco Addiction Get smokeless tobacco out of your life and never reach for another dip
Chocolate Addiction Chocoholics – overcome chocolate addiction now!
Compulsive Hand Washing You can overcome obsessive compulsive hand washing!
Compulsive Hoarding Stop compulsive hoarding and find better ways to feel safe
Diminish Alcohol Abuse Hypnotic help for alcohol abuse
Drink Less Wine Is Wine a Problem?
Gambling Addiction Stop gambling addiction stealing from you
Gaming Addiction Overcome gaming addiction with less stress
Heroin Addiction Treatment Break the heroin habit and get your life back under YOUR control
Internet Addiction Overcome internet addiction today
Kleptomania Conquer kleptomania
Masturbation Addiction Overcome Masturbation Addiction
Moderate Drinking Moderate drinking – 3 steps to taking control
Obsessive Checking Stop obsessive checking and reclaim your life
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning Stop compulsive cleaning ruining your life
OCD Treatment An ideal OCD treatment that swiftly calms obsessive worries
Porn Addiction Overcome pornography addiction
Quit Smoking Get Healthy, Save Money, Quit Smoking!
Shopping Addiction Are you a shopaholic? Relieve your need for compulsive shopping quickly and easily…
Stay Off Alcohol Stop alcohol relapse – learn to take the pressure off
Stop Obsessive Thoughts Stop obsessive thoughts from ruining your life

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